A European born Shanghai resident, Monika Figlewicz has lived and worked on most continents over the past 15 years. As a strong, independent, cosmopolitan woman Monika developed a taste for beauty and a commitment to stylistic perfection over a 20 year career in the beauty and cosmetics industry. She worked as a creative and marketing director for fortune 500 giants, and is recognized as one of the best marketing experts for Asia Pacific markets. Since her departure from corporate, Monika has been providing independent consulting within related industries throughout Asia. In 2012 Monika launched her own independent, designer fashion label in Shanghai, MF Fashion. Her MF showroom provides Ready-To-Wear as well as custom tailoring for women.



All MF pieces have an avant-garde contrasting touch, asymmetric and slim silhouettes, and an interesting play between femininity and masculinity, between Western purity and Asian elegance. Her collection expresses her chronic perfectionism and passion to create designs that underline the strong individuality and personality the women who wear her creations. Each piece in her collection tells her personal story. Her best designs arose from the need to solving her fashion dilemmas. Timeless black and white pieces are her signature.

Monika’s eye for perfection, innovative mind and commitment to quality have made her one of the most sought after fashion event organizers in Shanghai. Her own MF Fashion has headlined at every major event in Shanghai as well as every major publication.